Terms and Conditions

By using Sapiyo, you are bound to accept the following terms and conditions.


First of all, thanks for visiting Sapiyo. By using our website, you are bound to accept our current, new, and old terms and conditions within the following agreement. We also have the complete authority to make any alterations to the following agreement by adding new terms or removing existing ones. The customers can find the latest revision date for this agreement at the bottom of this page.


Sapiyo should only be accessed by people having age 18 or above. By using this website, you must agree that you have the required age. In case you are below 18 and above 13, you may use our services, if and only if, a parent or a guardian agrees to these terms and conditions on your behalf. In any case, people below 13 aren’t eligible to purchase our services.


Sapiyo holds a complete intellectual property right to all types of content including images, videos, infographics, etc, except for content from third-party websites. Before the content is used anywhere else, one must take permission from Sapiyo. Every piece of content belongs to Sapiyo and permission must be taken before using it on other platforms.


In case of a breach to the terms and conditions of this agreement, the users cannot blame Sapiyo or anyone else associated with the team, under any circumstances. Users also agree to not hold Sapiyo responsible for any kind of losses or damages, that may occur due to this website.


Before using our services, the users agree to use Sapiyo responsibly and for the same intention, it is designed to be used. The users agree to not make any modification to the website or compromise with its security, in any given case.


When acquiring any type of service from Sapiyo, the customers agree to understand that they are giving us permission to share their YouTube account on third-party platforms.


The information that users provide us can be used in different ways to fulfill their objectives. We can also use your personal information to share further discount details or any other information that you may be interested in. In any case, however, we do not sell your personal information.


Sapiyo is not liable to any type of damage/loss to your YouTube account, in any case, during or after you have availed for our services. It is important to understand that you should use the website at your own risk.


Sapiyo has the right to make essential corrections to the website without any prior notice to the customers. In case of any errors, we’ll try to fix the issue as soon as possible so that our users don’t face any hassle while browsing the website.