Privacy Policy

All the services at ‘Sapiyo’ belong to the company itself.

The company has all the legal rights to keep the customer’s personal information and use it in different ways. The customer information can be used for the following reasons:

  • We can keep your information like username, email address, phone number, business details for future use.
  • We can also use personal information to run campaigns and send discount codes to our customers.
  • We can also use your contact details to send details about any website errors.
While we may keep client information for personal marketing, we will never share it with third-party organizations. In case the client information is shared with any third-party platform (excluding our business partners), we’ll take the complete responsibility for the wrongdoing.

Payment Security

Customers are allowed to use make transactions through credit cards, debit cards, and any other online banking system. Customers’ banking details are always secured with SSL and 3D secured systems.

While making the payment, international customers can use international banking systems or online payment systems including PayPal and Western Union.

Customers’ credit card details are never shared with any third-party websites and every transaction is secured with an SSL encryption.


We can use cookies to examine the user’s behavior while browsing the website. Our services use cookies to upgrade their performance and offer a better user experience. To get a better user experience, the users must allow cookies.

E-mail Security

We never ask the customers’ banking details via email. So, the customers should never share the same through any e-mail channel whatsoever.